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Kluane Outdoor Inspirations

Discover Kluane – Take your vacation off the beaten path!

Kluane Outdoor Inspirations invites you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors and let nature inspire you. 

KOI Logo

At KOI we aim to provide our guests with an enriched experience of relaxation and comfort as well as inspiring walks and talks on the land offering local knowledge and recognition of nature. KOI offers a venue for land-based healing and creates space to allow focus on personal well-being. 

Our two cozy rental cabins are situated on 22 acres of wilderness, with year-round groomed trails accessible from your doorstep. Along with this we offer adventure packages tailored to our guests interests through guided interpretation walks, talks and cultural workshops. 

KOI is a place for everyone. Its an ideal venue for school groups, clubs & small organizations to enjoy a retreat or a land-based activity. 

We proudly work with other local tourism operators to give you the opportunity to fully experience all that Lhù’ààn Mân - the largest lake in Yukon has to offer!

“It’s just too good not to share” 

Contact us today and let us help design your perfect Kluane Get-A-Way.

Dànch’e? Welcome!

Lhù’ààn Mân yè Shaadhala yè Asheyi Man yè Dzantuch’an Kèyi Dásì Kèyi kwach’e.

Envision Your Kluane Adventure

Peter Built
Pauly pointing to KOI
KOI sign
Natures nook 2 Sourdough Cabin
Pano of KOI Gardens
The Sourdough Cabin
The Sourdough Cabin
Sourdough Outhouse
The Sourdough Cabin interior
The Sourdough Cabin interior
The Sourdough Cabin interior
The Sourdough Cabin interior
The Sourdough Cabin
Winter work with Willow
The view from KOI one day in March
Adventuring in Kluane
Cultus bluffs
Bear tree
Kanäy - Moose
A squirrels breakfast
Emerald Lake
We lichen this
Shär Sho - Grizzly Bear
Great night for a campfire
Kluane Lake from above
Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach
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